Yoo Yeon Seok & Kim Bum – Cosmopolitan January 2015

COSMOPOLITAN Korea spices up its new year edition with the feature page of actors Yoo Yeon-seok and Kim Bum. These two were both under the company King Kong Entertainment, as well as Lee Dong-wook and Park Min-young, to name a few, but the two guys have actually know each other for about 7 years! The interview conducted during the photo shoot session for the pictorial will reveal some tidbits about their friendship, being under the same label.



First Look at Detective Hong Gil Dong

Back in July, Lee Je-hoon has confirmed to make his comeback on the silver screen together with the director of A Werewolf Boy, Jo Sung-hee in Detective Hong Gil-dong. The film was said to start shooting in November, but it was pushed back to December, with one of the reasons being Lee Je-hoon’s drama shooting schedule for Secret Door. Since the hero’s schedule is finally free, there’s nothing holding them back from filming and we got the first batch of stills featuring the titular Hong Gil-dong today!



Secret Door: The Good, the Bad, and the Acceptable Ones

I would be lying to myself if I said that Secret Door was not my most anticipated drama of the year. Everything about it screamed potential ground-breaking series on the paper: the network (SBS!), the screenwriter (her past works included Hwang Jin-yi and The Immortal Yi Sun-shin!), the director (he worked behind Sign, Ghost, and The Suspicious Housekeeper!), and not to forget, the star-studded cast. But then, the drama suffered low ratings despite the hype surrounding it before it premiered. One can argue that ratings aren’t what they used to represent but there are reasons why the drama turned up being underwhelming than what was expected.



Choi Woo Shik – Urbanlike and Marie Claire Dec 2014

Winter is here, so Choi Woo-shik rocks a plentiful of coats and jackets in the December edition of fashion magazines Urbanlike and Marie Claire. The former makes use of minimalist concept with hints of colours here and there while the latter chooses the earth tones as the basic concepts. Nevertheless, I am happy to see more magazines featuring him! More please!



Joo Won (feat. Strawberry Waffle) for BeansBins

This guy doesn’t know how to take a long rest, does he? He was recently introduced as the new model for BeansBins Coffee, a coffeehouse chain in South Korea and Joo Won might be known as the waffle guy soon. The hungry me right now is craving for that strawberry waffle and I blame you, Joo Won! It’s freaking 4 AM over here!

More pics under the cut. Warning: not for the fainthearted ones and the hungry souls. Except if you can be full from staring at Joo Won alone, then feel free to proceed!



The Crown Princes’ Club

If there’s a running theme for this year’s historical Kdramas, it should be the continuous appearance of unfortunate and ill-fated princes of Joseon. So far, we had Crown Prince Sohyeon (1612-1645) in Three Musketeers, Crown Prince Sado (1735-1762) in Secret Door and another addition to the club: Gwanghaegun (1575-1641) in the recently premiered King’s Face. If tales about the fighting consorts of the kings and the drama in the harem were once popular among the viewers, stories about these unfortunate princes who faced difficulties during their days serving as the nation’s heir to the throne are gaining popularity among the youth viewers nowadays. Although the dramas are made with several tweaks here and there for the sake of dramatization, the history behind these princes is still worth reading, for those who are curious about the real historical figures.



December Spreadelicious: A Bit of Everything

Now that the December pictorials for the magazines are slowly being released to the Korean media, it finally hit me that 2014 is really ending soon. This year surely has its ups and downs for everyone, but it’s ending soon! I’m happy to see that the magazines are featuring a handful of actors and actresses for the final edition of the year, because what’s better than spending your time peering at their beautiful faces?


[tvN] 삼총사.E01.140817.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP.avi_003468435

Watchlog (November 2014)

It’s already mid-November and I’ve realized that I only managed to complete a total of four full-length dramas this year. Gasp! The past me would be rushing to finish whatever dramas I’ve put aside throughout the year because I used to hate dropping dramas without finishing them, but since I learned the joy (and relief) of being able to drop dramas, it’s like a new world for me. Definitely less dramas, but more time to deal with more pressing issues of real life. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, I’m back to civilization for these few days and that means..catching up with my dramas!