The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Another blogging award is making its round among the drama blogs and this time, it’s sisterhood-centric! We just celebrated the International Women’s Day last Sunday and it’s fitting to be able to receive this award from fellow bloggers Hazelle from The A-Philosopher’s Chair and Kfangurl from The Fangirl Verdict. Thank you so much, girls! In case you are not aware of it yet, yes, I am a lady ;)

~Oh, Nelly from MyMyooz and Kwon from Dramajjang had also nominated me last week, and I just got into the mood to answer the questions. Thank you and sorry for the late response ^^;



Byun Yo Han’s April Magazine Spreads

The ‘it’ man is everywhere nowadays but who am I to complain about it? I am not complaining at all! After his movie Socialphobia premiered earlier this month, Byun Yo-han doesn’t look back and continue to grab new opportunities, with his upcoming drama Ex-Girlfriends’ Club gearing up for Fri-Sat slot following Super Daddy Yeol on tvn. He is to be featured in several magazines for their April issues and I’m loving it!



Leads of Falling for Innocence Pose for Elle’s April Issue

I love this pictorial for many reasons: the concept are gorgeous and the models themselves are gorgeous! Thank you to ELLE Korea for bringing together the leads for jtbc’s upcoming Fri-Sat drama, Falling for Innocence (or Falling for Soon-jung) in a photo shoot for its April issue, because that’s what we should do for every drama promotion. Yeah, I’m all for it! Jung Kyung-ho, Kim So-yeon, and Yoon Hyun-min shine in the black and white spreads and I’m hoping that the drama won’t disappoint, both in romance and bromance departments.



Ji Chang Wook Goes Back to Nature for The Celebrity

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Riding off his popularity after starring in Empress Ki and the recently completed Healer, Ji Chang-wook extends his popularity to the world, cementing his status as the new face of Hallyu star. He has been chosen to become the cover boy for the April edition of The Celebrity, posing against the lush background in his dapper suits and shirts. Can I get another drama with him in suits for the entire series?


[tvn] Hogu's.Love.E01.150209.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_001138807

Fourth Year – Thank You!

Another year passes by and the blog turns four today! It’s hard to believe, but four years seems so short when I look back at the time when I first started the talking cupboard. There were times when I felt unsure of what to do with this blog before spazzing like there’s no tomorrow, or stressing over the possibility of quitting this blog altogether. So many ups and downs but I am glad that I am still here, typing these words for the fourth year celebration of this cupboard. This post is dedicated to you, you, and YOU! Thank YOU, for making it possible for the talking cupboard to last until today!



Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 20 (Final)

It’s time for Do-hyun to part ways with his alters, one by one (NOOOOOOOO) and also for us to say goodbye to them, not to forget the characters who have been there (NOOOOOOOO) for the past two and a half months. Time goes by almost unnoticed (NOOOOOOOO), and farewell is inevitable at this point. Perhaps, I would have used Se-gi’s time-freezing method to make time stop, if he had any, but it was just a wish no one could have in this world (NOOOOOOOO). Yeah, I am okay. It’s the last episode. I am okay (NOOOOOOOO).



Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 19

After all the trials and tribulations they faced in the past few weeks (or 21 years, if we’re to follow the plot), it’s time for both Ri-jin and Do-hyun to enter the stage of healing together. Embracing the painful memories seems to be the best choice for them, because they knew it better that running away from those nightmares did not solve anything. They deserve all the love and happiness for the rest of their lives, but will it be peaceful for them with the intervention from the alters of Do-hyun?